Welcome to our online coffee store. Choose from over 75 varietals, Jitters Dark Roasts, and Bliss Blends. If you enjoy flavored coffee, we offer over 25 premium choices, including seasonal flavors.

Jitters and Bliss Arabica beans are sourced from regions around the globe.  The beans are then slow roasted in small batches in the old European tradition. This slow roasting process pulls out the aromatics and enhances the flavor profiles, which in turn highlights the nuances of each regional bean.  

Jitters and Bliss gourmet product line is positioned for the significant trend and growing consumer awareness towards coffees that are certified fair trade organic.

Jitters and Bliss coffee selections can get you up and motivated for the day.  Enjoy a social get together with friends and family, or escape for a cup on your own.  Wherever you are, savor the moment with some of the best, slow roasted Arabica beans available. Our goal is to provide you with an exceptional experience from start to finish.

Make your selection and brew with anticipation!


Culture is a great word in the coffee business, because once you immerse yourself in it, you will never want to leave it. There is so much to know about coffee, more than any one person can ever know. Culture is about experiencing coffee where you are...during a coffee break, at a favorite café or a travel location. Join us through Twitter, Facebook fan page and our Brews & News blog, as we experience the coffee culture throughout the world together. 


As stewards of God's many blessings, we strive to be a world-class purveyor of fine coffees by delivering outstanding quality, service, and value to each of our customers through a family business governed by sound Christian principles.


To take our customers on an exciting journey that captures the best of coffee cultures around the world, varied brewing practices, latest recipes and health benefits -- ultimately helping each consumer of our fine coffees create their own memorable experiences.