Coffee Brewing 101

Jitters & Bliss Coffee is now in your hands. Treat it kindly, and it will reward you well!


1 Use the best beans (Would you rather have less of a good coffee, or more of a bad coffee?): You've heard the adage, "You get what you pay for." Well, coffee is no exception. If it is from the grocery store, chances are it is not fresh, or worse, cheap robusta (a bitter brew) or a commodity Arabica (what the canned coffees are now claiming). If it is capsule form that is so popular, it is not fresh. Fresh coffee gives off carbon dioxide and needs to be vented, not taken out. When it is taken out, coffee loses many of its' flavor nuances. Jitters & Bliss Coffee comes from the top 20% of Arabica beans produced, which means it meets or exceeds Specialty Coffee of America guidelines for specialty coffee. Our coffee is packaged in one-way valve resealable bags and shipped same or next business day. Drink good coffee, you deserve it. Besides, life is too short...really!

2 Grind it yourself (Why me, you may ask?): Coffee's flavor comes from the natural oils trapped inside the bean during the roasting process. Once coffee is ground, those oils begin to dissipate. Grinding coffee beans just prior to brewing is the best option for the most flavorful cup. Use a burr grinder whenever possible for a consistent grind. Consistency before experimentation, coffee friend!

3 Pre-wet your filter (Ah, what's this you ask?): If you're using a manual/pour over filter-based method to brew coffee, make sure to pre-wet it with hot water before adding ground coffee. All manufactured paper products have dust residue. Pre-wetting washes away the dust so it does not end up in your brewed coffee. Make sure to empty out the water before starting the actual coffee-making process. Get the hang of the one cup at a time manual/pour method, and you're on your way to a fine coffee experience!

4 Timing is everything (Isn't that the truth?): Each method of making coffee has a precise brew time. Letting your coffee brew too long allows the hot water to extract too much oil from the ground-up bean, creating a bitter brew. Too short of a brew time, you get a thin, flavorless beverage. Total brew time for most methods is 3 to 4 minutes. Coffee mediocrity is yesterday's news. Like never before, there are now many specialty coffee brewing options to experience. Explore them all with Jitters & Bliss Coffee! 

5 Let it cool (Relax for a moment or more!): Coffee is a hot drink, but allowing it to cool slightly will reveal the true flavor nuances of the beverage. Depending on the brewing process, coffee is brewed at temperatures varying from 175F to 205F, but is not consumed until a cool 145F. And as for all that milk and sugar? Great origin coffee does not need anything to enhance its distinct flavor. Save it for one of our dark roasts or flavored coffees. Okay, okay, do it your way!

6 In all things in moderation (Where have you heard that before?): Studies have stated that flavor is the main reason to drink specialty coffee, followed closely by the desire for caffeine. The cheaper and bitter robusta (canned) coffee was traditionally drank in the morning. The imbiber would have 1-2 cups and then call it quits for the day. But, the Arabica varietal offers us a completely different coffee experience. It not only presents us with 3-5 times the flavor, but also about half of the caffeine. Therefore, most of us can consume it throughout the day. Coffee throughout the that's a novel idea!

WARNING: Consuming Jitters & Bliss Coffee may cause you to have an outburst of fun, a sudden urge to call an old friend, or may give you an inner calm you so deserve. Brew at the risk of enjoyment!

At Jitters & Bliss Coffee, we will be the first to say that we have not yet discovered the "perfect" cup of coffee, the one that truly mimics the amazing aroma experienced when you stick your nose in a bag of fresh-roasted coffee beans. When you open a bag of Jitters & Bliss Coffee, you too will anticipate, like us, something magical! What's your next "perfect" cup?