1 Use your choice of Jitters & Bliss drip or French Press grind coffee beans. (Fine grinds do not work as well, as they take less time to brew and will flow through most strainers to the bottom of your cup).

2 Measure out about 10 tablespoons of grounds per 1 quart (32 oz) of water.

3 Measure out the water for the number of cups of coffee you intend to make.

4 With the water poured into the pot, place the pot over the heat to boil.

5 When water has boiled, take off of heat for 1 minute.

6 Add the coffee and stir the grounds and water well.

7 Let the mixture steep for 3-4 minutes.

8 Strain the coffee through a sieve and/or cheese cloth into the cups.

Note: We like it over the fire pit. This is a simple way to make a great cup of coffee.

Now that you are stuck with this capsule machine, and tired of paying $25-$38 per pound for stale coffee, you have some options for a fresher, tastier cup of coffee. We like the Solofill and Ekobrew ground coffee holders for the various K-Cup makers. You can now have Jitters & Bliss coffee in your K-Cup machine.

  • The Solofill drops right into the Keurig brewers holder, just like a K-Cup, so there is no need to remove the filter holder assembly, as required by the My K-Cup (which is an inconvenient step).
  • The lid is attached and the stainless steel basket is integrated. With this one-piece design, no parts should go missing.
  • The whole unit is dishwasher safe.
  • The plastic is recyclable, made from BPA-free plastic, which the My K-cup is not.
  • Its self-tamping and water is dispersed through the coffee, versus just being shot through a single hole, as in most other alternatives.

The Solofill holds roughly 11 grams of coffee. This is about the same amount of coffee that is in an extra bold K-Cup, and so may also satisfy people who find regular K-Cups produce weak coffee. Or, to look at it another way, the Specialty Coffee Association of America recommends 10 grams of coffee per 6 oz cup. Obviously, how the coffee turns out also depends on the brew size setting of the Keurig brewer. For the Solofill's capacity of 11 grams, the brewer should be set to brew a 7.25 oz cup, or even 5.25 oz (brewers vary in their brew size settings). For the sake of comparison, the My K-cup holds right around 14.5 to 16 grams of coffee.

The Solofill is compatible for 11 Keurig brewer models, two Brevilles, and one Mr. Coffee.


Brewing Instructions in 3 Easy Steps:

1 Open Ekobrew lid and fill 2/3-3/4 full with Jitters & Bliss coffee. Auto drip works best.
2 Close lid of Ekobrew firmly and insert into Keurig filter holder. Clean off grounds between the lid and rim when closing. There is no need to remove filter holder!
3 Close Keurig clamshell, select size and brew.

Compatibility: The Ekobrew is not compatible with the Keurig B30, B130, B150 & B155.

1 Take apart the Neapolitan Flip Brewer.

2 Using a burr grinder, grind Jitters & Bliss coffee to auto-drip.

3 Unscrew the cap on the filter part of your brewer. Place 2 tablespoons (16 grams) of coffee in filter, spreading evenly. Do not tamp, or press down, on the coffee.

4 Most Neapolitan Flip Brewers have a small hole a centimeter or so from the top edge of the water reservoir. This allows water to escape preventing any water from touching the coffee grinds in the carafe. Fill the reservoir with water about a centimeter below the exit hole to allow the water to expand during heating.

5 Place the filter inside the reservoir.

6 Screw on the part of the filter with the sprout.

7 Place the Neapolitan on a stove. If using a stove with a gas burner, keep the flames the same diameter as the brewer for the most efficient heating.

8 Turn off the water when you begin hearing it boil. A simple way to tell if the water is hot enough, is by keeping an eye on the exit hole. If you see a single droplet of water, it means the water is hot.

9 Use a hot pad to grab the handle of the Neapolitan brewer. Flip over and allow the coffee to filter.

10 When the bottom half of your brewer fills with coffee, it is ready. Enjoy!


1 Grind the coffee with a quality burr grinder. Start with drip grind. If the water rushes through the coffee, and the coffee is thin and weak, grind finer. If the coffee is clogging the brewer, grind coarser. We recommend 8 grams (or about one rounded tablespoon) of Jitters & Bliss coffee per 4 oz of water.

2 Fill Bottom Globe with water and put on the heat source. If you are using an alcohol burner, preheat the water in a kettle to decrease boiling time. If you do this, be very careful when handling the brewer as it will become very hot quite quickly.

3 Assemble the vacuum brewer. When the water starts to near a boil, (forming small bubbles), put the top globe onto the bottom globe. Fairly quickly after sealing the brewer, water should start making its way to the top vessel. Allow this to continue till vapor starts to escape the bottom vessel and the brewer begins to gurgle.

4 Add coffee and stir until all grounds are wet. This step should take approximately 10 seconds.

5 Allow the coffee to brew for 30 seconds then gently re-submerge the grounds.

6 Remove the brewer from the heat source and turn off (or extinguish) the source. This should be about 50 seconds to a minute after initially adding coffee. Be careful and use hot pads as needed.

7 Watch the Extraction. You will see coffee begin to extract back through the filter into the bottom globe as the brewer cools. After the draw-down begins, give the coffee a gentle stir to create a whirlpool in the brewer. Once the water stops pulling back through the coffee and the filter, remove the top globe and pour the coffee into cups. Again, be careful and use hot pads.

Enjoy: Besides being a great cup of coffee, you will impress your guests with brewing process.