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Posted by Keith on 5/9/2012 to Coffee & News
Welcome to Jitters & Bliss Coffee blog!

We not only want to sell you great coffee, but a great coffee experience! We want this blog to challenge your imagination as we journey together through the cycle of life with a cup of coffee in our hands, romancing the coffee experience. Join us on the incredible journey of coffee!

Coffee & Culture What part has coffee played in previous cultures, and of course in our current culture in the U.S. and abroad. Your and my cup of coffee has a rich heritage. We would not be where we are today without the knowledge our forefathers have given us. Many full moons ago, coffee was the domain of Sheiks, rich merchants, and European kings. Coffee now is an affordable luxury, that you cannot afford to pass up.
Coffee & Health Let's discover the many health benefits of drinking coffee? It has been known to: reduce the risk of Alzheimer's disease and dementia, enhances cognitive performance, protect the liver and it contains chemical agents that stimulate the production of cortisone and adrenaline.
Coffee & Food Coffee not only stands well by itself but pairs well with many foods, from healthy to decadent. And of course, it is a great beverage after consuming food. Let's explore the possibilities. Recipes too!
Coffee & Friendship Our most common beverage amongst friends is no doubt sharing a cup of hot coffee: it encourages dialogue, sharing, and laughter, and brings us into the moment. Relationships are the key here, and coffee ties us together.
Coffee & Romance Coffee and love were made for each other. What could be better than to share a moment over a cup of coffee with your significant other? In this blog we will romance the coffee experience for two. Remember, coffee and love are best when they are hot!
Coffee & The Process Let's learn together what it takes to make a great cup of coffee, from manual pour over and Chemex, and from drip to vacuum. How are other cultures brewing it? Let's find out.
Coffee & News In this section we will keep you up to speed in what matters in coffee and how it may concern you.