Let's start at the source; Italy, where espresso originated. The baristas' there speak the "four M's" of espresso: Miscela (coffee blend), Macinacaffe (grinder) and Macchina (espresso machine), and skills of the barista, Mano.

Suffice to say, it would be a lengthy topic to expand on espresso brewing here. The brewing apparatuses are many, each with there nuances. Some take more skill than others, producing various results, that some would say is espresso, while others (we too) would not appreciate as a quality product.

We believe that a true espresso would be extracted from a machine that produces 9 nine bars of atmospheric pressure, amongst other options. A quality espresso machine starts in the $500 range (before a quality grinder) and moves up quickly, from manual, semi-automatic, to super-automatics in the $20K+ range.

At Jitters & Bliss, "we will meet you where you are in the process". We sell the finest beans available for espresso brewing, for any method that you are using.

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