Manual / Pour Over

1 It is important that your Jitters & Bliss coffee be ground to medium-fine, with a quality burr grinder for an even grind. This allows for a slower and more even extraction, resulting in a fuller bodied and more nuanced cup.

Place the cone on a "waste" cup. Place a #2 (we like Melitta) filter inside the cone. Run hot water through the filter to rinse out any residual paper flavor and preheat the cone itself. Allow the water to drain out completely before moving the cone to your coffee mug.

We recommend 23 grams of fresh ground coffee (0.8 oz or about three rounded tablespoons) to make 8 oz of brewed coffee.

Bring the water just to a boil. We like an electric kettle. For 8 oz of brewed coffee you will want to use 12 oz hot water total for the two pours. First, pour just enough into the cone so that it saturates the grounds and very little is dripping into your cup. The key is to saturate all the grounds evenly by moving the stream around as you pour.

After about 15 seconds, pour the rest of the water. Pour at an even rate, in a spiral or back-and-forth pattern in order to break down the bloom (fresh coffee giving off carbon dioxide), and saturate all grounds evenly. The color of the surface should be even with as few dark or blond spots as possible.

Once you have 8 oz of brewed coffee in your cup, quickly move the cone to the waste cup and allow it to drain completely.