Moka Pot

1 Open the top of the moka pot by unscrewing the top chamber, then set the chamber aside.

2 Pull out the funnel-shaped filter, and fill the bottom chamber with cool water up to the safety valve level. The safety valve is a small button on the inside of the chamber.

3 Securely set the filter back in place above the water chamber.

4 Grind Jitters & Bliss roasted espresso beans, one setting above espresso grind.

5 Take a tablespoon and measure two tablespoons of the ground espresso (or pre-ground). Place the two tablespoons of fine-ground espresso coffee inside the moka's filter.

6 Screw the top back onto the moka pot. Make sure that the top and bottom section of the pot are level and tightly closed together. This will ensure a good seal and prevent any loss of steam.

7 Place the moka pot on the stove top and set the stove on medium heat.

8 Allow the espresso to percolate for about 5 minutes.The brewed espresso will fill into the top chamber of the moka pot.

9 When all the water has collected into the top of the moka pot, turn off the stove and place the pot on a cool burner.

10 Pour into a 3 oz demitasse cup and enjoy.

11 Tweak the espresso to your liking by adding ingredients such as milk to create a latte, or milk and chocolate syrup for a more decadent mocha latte.